Data Entry Security Services

MMTech IT Services, a global IT-BPO organization, has been consistently delivering high quality, customized and accurate data entry services to a variety of companies, located around the world, for more than Three years. Data security and confidentiality are major factors, which significantly affects a company's decision to outsource its data entry requirements.

What is ecommerce Business

At MMTech IT Services, we take our clients' concerns regarding protection about their confidential data quite seriously. In this respect, we have processes in place that ensures stringent enforcement of data security measures at all stages of the data entry project starting from its inception to its completion.

  • Restricted Access: Only authorized personnel are allowed access to the premises

  • Monitoring: Security measures including the use of smart cards, with log in/log off procedures so that the movement of staff is monitored at all times.

  • Secure access: Data access and transfer through VPN or by FTP.

  • Secure workstations: Firewalls and anti-virus programs are in place on computers.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements: Strict confidentiality agreements with all employees with strict injunctures on non-disclosure of company or client's confidential information at any time

  • Regular monitoring and auditing of existing security measures

  • Power back up for power failures or shortages